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We provide complete equipment for each mould

We incorporate our experience into each product,
by equipping them with their own specific and detailed technical documentation.

Everything revolving around the mould and its own life cycle is valuable to us, as it allows us to put our knowledge at your service.

In order to increase the degree of customer satisfaction, complement the service provided and maintain full traceability of the mould, each individual mould comes with its own manual upon delivery, specifically:

  • Mould operation and maintenance manual with instructions for proper operation and periodic maintenance to be carried out.
  • Positioning of the gating system and overflows
  • Moulding parameters
  • Simulation
  • Extraction spark plug holes thermoregulation diagram
  • Wearable parts
  • Material and heat treatment certifications


Thermoplastic injection mold manual

Die casting mold manual

Together with you, we will develop the mould that best fits your needs.